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Social Commitment


Powerlinks has addressed health and safety concerns and general well-being  of it's employees and contractors workmen engaged for building power transmission line. This is a fact that healthy workers are more productive than workers with multiple health risks. Evidence shows that returns from a health and safety programme for workers are not only monetary alone, but also intangible and therefore in the interest of employers and employees alike.

Powerlinks along with N.G.O., CEDPA (Centre for Development and Population Activities) has implemented a health and safety awareness programme for it's employees and contractor's employees to maximise productivity and efficiency.

The health programme included family planning, reproductive health (RH), child survival and HIV / AIDS services. The expected outcome of this programme is given below :

Achieve highest safety standards, i.e. zero tolerance policy.
Awareness programme on Health and Safety will increase staff awareness on safety concerns, reduced complacency at workplace and more and more effective ways of taking preventive safety measures.
Implantation of preventive health programmes to demonstrate increased productivity and profitability, including savings in health care costs. through involvement of its employees.
It will reduce absenteeism and loss of time due to ill health and disability due to accidents at site. It will improve workers' morale, commitment and relations with co-workers and employers and improve their general health.
The above objectives has been achieved by taking following steps :
Feedback and participation of relevant stake holders
Ensuring full participation, ownership and commitment of all, an on-site rapid assessment has been conducted.
Questionnairs has been given to all concerned to asses their knowledge and awareness on Health and Safety issues.
On site, individual interviews and Field Group Discussions (FGDs) has been conducted with the contractor's labourers who are in semi or un-skilled categories.
On the basis of above following actions has been taken
A health and safety manual based on assessment results and findings has been developed.
Safety issues covered in the manual includes :
Basic safety instructions for employees at workplace, including use of PPE's (Personal Protective Equipments)
Ensuring adherence to set standards for equipments and construction
First Aid Training
Trauma service at workplace
Health issues covered in the manual includes :
Preventions of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS
Family planning including spacing and permanent methods
Harmful effects of tobacco consumption (chewing / smoking) leading to oral and lung cancer
Alcoholism and substance abuse
Tuberculosis : Symptoms and treatment through the DOTs
Prevention and treatment of malaria and filaria
Prevention of water borne diseases
Hygiene and sanitation
Importance of healthy diet and nutrition
Stress management
Prevention and treatment of snake bites
Training Programme
CEDPA has conducted training programmes at all Project and Site Offices for officers of PTL and supervisors of contractors
Pre and post training assessment has been conducted to measure increased knowledge of the trainees
These trainers will then train all semi and unskilled workment of the Contractors
Health Awareness Melas
Health Mela with the help if Audio Visual Aids   has been conducted at all Project and Site offices of PTL
The awareness mela included sessions on a health awareness topic and display on related health issues along with a health checkup camp